A picture is the perfect mix of exquisite imagination and the ability to illuminate everything with one shot.

Two childhood friends set on a journey 6 years ago to capture the world in their lens; they imagined to alter the photography world and today are on an path to realize their shared dream.

12+ years

Our Combined Experience

“To us, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place. We’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”


Love doesn’t make the world go round;
Love is what makes the ride easy.
A spark turned into a fire, A match made in heaven.
We describe weddings with these fancy phrases, but in reality
a marriage is beautiful bond between two bodies starting their journey that culminates into
one soul, one being and one heart.

Perfect Pixels Production - Cinematic Trailers
Perfect Pixels Production - Cinematic Trailers
Perfect Pixels Production - Cinematic Trailers

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You can describe your organization with a plethora of content and by designing the most vibrant logo mark, but you are yet to exploit the power of a picture. “A picture is worth a thousand words”, the buzzword in today’s business world is bespoke photography. Give a new tint to your visual identification with our enlightening skills to capture your product and present it with sophistication and dexterity.

Weddings since 2012

Here’s what some clients
think of our work…

  • The First thing which strikes you about the place is the Ambiance. Extremely well done and spacious. Then comes the TEAM of photographers, a special mention for Rahul and Gulshan. They are highly skilled and aware of their CRAFT and no wonder, the quality of pics are sublime.
    I wanted to get a special one made as a tribute to my MOTHER and the final result was simply, WOW! I would recommend Perfect Pixels Production to one and all and to be part of beautiful memories for LIFE. I see a great future ahead for these wonderful and professional people.

    Moni Bath
  • “Anyone can take a picture! But a person with passion sees the picture before it’s taken!” – There is nothing better than this quote to describe Team 3P!

    Prateek and Rahul, along with the other Team 3P members have captured the most beautiful moments of my life by putting their heart and soul completely in their work. Every time I thought that this is the best work from them, and it could not get better, they would come and surprise me with something even better, beautiful and more powerful.

    I am so glad to have found photographers who treated me as family to provide us with their absolute best work and capturing the emotions of the Bride, Groom and our family members. I absolutely love their work and wouldn’t have asked for anything else.

    I strongly recommend Team 3P to anyone who is looking for a photographer/cinematographer to capture the most beautiful moments of your life.

    Thank you Team 3P for making our wedding perfect and memorable.

    Meha Kaur
  • Nice work… it’s been great knowing perfect pixels team. Not only they know their work but are amazing people with wonderful heart. They don’t only know how to capture best moments of ur life but to present it like the best stories around.
    Thank u team perfect pixel with special mention to Prateek and Rahul.

    Vani Sahi
  • A huge shout out to Rahul and his team for capturing the most precious moments so beautifully…. you have been so understanding and accommodating that I can vouch for you any given day …. your work speaks volumes…. if you are looking for a dream team trust me look no further Perfect Pixel Production will make sure they give you reasons to smile !! Wish you guys all the love and luck God Bless !!

    Natasha Kanwar Rana
  • Perfect professionalism !! Lovely clicks. Everything was so beautiful and left me stunned. Our heartfelt thanks to the photographers for the wonderful service delivered. Much appreciated…

    Vicky Tiwari
  • Amazing work very passionate about what they do and try their hearts out in delivering the best output from their side loved their work simply outstanding!!!Cheers to 3P

    Mohak Jain

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