Their story is just out of Hum Aapke Hain Kaun sequence.
Ishav meet’s Sabab at his brother and her Sister’s wedding. Its not love at first sight for them. Ishav had no such feeling but Sabab wanted to talk to her as he felt something special about her.
Through his friends and sources he gets her number and then on…… Love Happens!!
and Now after getting married they cannot imagine how they ended up this way.
They were near yet apart.

Inspite of having a very close common friend circle these two never met.
Their love faced every hurdle possible to be together but the things that connected them were for a purpose.

Sabab a passionate pilot, ace businessmen, full of life. No one can ever get away from his contagious smile.

Ishav an amazing dancer, rainbow in people’s life, super caring, her eyes do all the talking, lovely soul.

Coming together for their wedding was through a reference and their belief in our work and vision was all that we asked for.

So here it is, One Crazy, Dancing, Full of life wedding summed up for all of you.