Happily Ever Arranged

The 21st Century has upended the Indian lifestyle; we have changed the way we live, think and love. We have stamped arrange marriages to be a thing of the past and bereft of love. Today’s youth considers arranged love as a mere compromise and nothing else. But, Varun and Surbhi have astounded those stereotypes and proved that arranged love has not seen its dawn yet, rather it has become stronger. In an arrange marriage Love grows on you and that’s what happened between our lovely couple.
Girl’s parent meet the boy, both the parents meet each other, Girls parents reveals their intentions and she agrees. In between all these meetings when does our couple get to see each for the first time? Finally the day and boy meets girl for the first time.

It took our groom 4 meetings to impress the bride but she said yes and that tied the knot between Varun and Surbhi with each for their lives ahead. He is sweet and She is understanding, and these are the two most important ingredients that will ensure a lifelong bond of togetherness and compassion for each other.